Obamas Job May Be Linked to Yours

It’s an old adage in politics that people vote with their back pockets.  President Obama chose to gamble his Presidency as well as the nation’s overall health on a different political theory; a theory that suggests that, like FDR of old, a president and his party can buy the loyalties of the poor with money taken from the rich, thereby shifting the electorate in their direction. In a few short months, we will all see the results of that gamble. The current outlook, however, reveals a bleak picture for the President and the Democrats and it seems to suggest that the gamble will fail.

The gamble began when President Obama took office. In the early months of his presidency, Obama bypassed all business-friendly means of stabilizing the economy and pursued a social justice agenda that assumes that if one punishes the rich, good karma would fix all of the ailments of the nation. It was a bold gamble that required the American economy to be resilient enough to withstand the turbulent transition to a social-welfare state and also assumed that the Feds could borrow and print enough money to buy the loyalties of the masses with unemployment benefits and welfare programs while his economic team dismantled the free market structure. It was indeed a gamble, but could it work?

It’s a strategy that would make Machiavelli glow with pride and it has been the basis of the secular-humanist agenda of the Democratic Party for a generation, this Obama plan; which is to give Americans a taste of easy government benefits purchased with borrowed money so there seems to be no pain attached to the policy. As people become dependent on the government, and the money runs out, the liberal elites can begin to absorb and control the wealth of the nation, using taxes on the wealthy as the conduit. (Watch for my upcoming article “Obama, Karma and the Protestant Ethic”) Economic emergency is the fire that allows left-leaning revolutionaries to unite the people against the wealthy class and is designed to conform the people to the ideals of communal ownership of wealth and property. The key Machiavellian element is in the President’s careful condemnation of the Wealthy and of Wall Street as the cause of our suffering. This economic crisis began with the Democrats’ Community Redevelopment Act of 1977 which gave loans to unqualified home-buyers under the auspices of helping the poor. The program was dramatically expanded under Bill Clinton and continued under Bush 43. When the poor could not make the mortgage payments, the housing market collapsed into chaos. Machiavelli would be proud each time our president makes an emotional appeal to uninformed voters, angrily asserting that the economic collapse of 2007 occurred because the rich didn’t pay enough taxes. That’s bold.

As the economy continues to struggle, our Federal Government regularly releases unemployment numbers that suggest that the job market is improving, giving the President the necessary cover to claim that he has created jobs. Of course, the numbers are drastically adjusted. The unemployment numbers are in fact not based on unemployment at all, they’re based on the number of people making claims for federal unemployment benefits. A Boston.com article sites a study by The Center for Labor Market Studies that shows 5.4 million workers have left the job market since Obama took office (citation). This type of misdirection is part of the gamble the Liberals have made. The political movers in Washington are betting that these misleading job numbers, combined with an emotional assault against business people and the wealthy class will buy President Obama another term in office. Another term means the power to block all Republican attempts to unravel the social-welfare state until such time as the free market system has been irreversibly altered. Soon, the national debt will reach such an alarming size that it will seem patriotic to allow the Washington politicians to seize control over the wealth of the nation (citation). Learn the lessons of Greece and learn them well.

Today, the President is absorbing another hit of economic reality. 195,000 fewer workers had jobs in July (citation) and the unemployment rate continues to float above a staggering 8% at 8.3% (adjusted); the real unemployment is estimated to be in the low to middle teens (citation).  In consolation, the Obama Administration reports that the number is actually 8.254%. Bold.

The gamble may not pay off for the President and his party. Adjusted employment numbers cannot mask the growing voice millions of unemployed workers. It was an interesting bet and it sometimes showed signs of promise but recent polls foreshadow a very sober end to the great Obama experiment. In keeping with other recent polls, Rassmussen Reports shows Obama’s approval rating slipping to an unsettling 44%. These numbers show a trend (citation) suffered by Nixon, Carter, and Bush 41 just before their electoral defeats. Bush 43 showed similar trend in his second term which led to massive congressional losses.

Indeed, the job situation will likely prove to be the undoing of this president as many before. His zeal for social justice over the political realities of his time may be long remembered as a folly for all to avoid.

Paul Ryans GM Plant Lie? Not So fast!

It’s an old political strategy, when a politician is faced with a difficult charge, to set up a straw-man and knock him down; such is the case with the charges against Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan regarding his comments on the closed GM plant in Wisconsin. In a Forbes article by Dale Buss, the facts are revealed and the straw man is exposed.

Here’s a summary of facts:
The plant in question was the Janesville Wisconsin plant; it’s an old plant built in 1919 which produced large SUV’s. When gas prices soared, the demand for those vehicles sagged. Before the 2008 Presidential Election, the plant was scheduled to close (or stand-by). Candidate Barack Obama promised that, under his administration, the plant would be retooled, modernized, and re-opened and would last another 100 years; thereby saving jobs. Of course, President Obama did not fund a retooling or modernization of that plant. At the RNC Convention last week, Paul Ryan recounted the Obama promise while adding “Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day.”

Politics 101, The Straw Man:
In response to this devastating revelation, involving a state that the Democrats desperately need on election day, the Obama Campaign constructed a straw-man. They planted the lie that claims that Obama actually pledged, if elected, that he would work to save the plant from closing… but of course, it closed before Obama could be inaugurated. It’s a delightfully believable falsehood, clouded with nuisance. As the political wheels began to roll, Liberal bloggers and news reporters paraded the straw-man around the media and on the internet. Once the falsehood had been planted into the public consciousness, the internet filled up with attacks against Candidate Paul Ryan as lying about the closing of the plant. It’s an effective strategy because any person who Googles this story will see the straw man; they will be mislead to think that Ryan accused Obama of allowing the plant to close, they will fact-check and discover that the plant closed before Obama was inaugurated. Voila, the straw man has been constructed and knocked down. This straw-man then becomes the proof-text to support the vague notion that Romney and Ryan lie all the time, while those other examples carry no more weight than the first, if they exist at all. The real story will not be known to the general public and the clever political strategists will have successfully used unsuspecting citizens to spread the narrative that the Romney/Ryan campaign lies. In fact, while throwing around stimulus money at companies like Solyndra, President Obama did not fund a retooling of that GM plant, he did not save those jobs, and he showed no care for those workers. He simply used them for votes. Welcome to the land of dirty politics.

Unions, Not Jobs:
This clever misdirection appeared in the NY Times: “He appeared to fault Mr. Obama for the closing of the plant — a decision made before Mr. Obama was elected, and before his bailout of the auto industry, which was credited with saving a number of other auto plants.” Ryan’s charge was that the President failed to keep his promise to retool and reopen the Wisconsin plant, not of closing the plant. The auto bailout that the Democrats (and the NY Times) use as a defense is an unrelated subject; the bailout was a tactic that prevented GM and Chrysler from going to bankruptcy court, at which time, the fat union contracts would have been broken. Bankruptcy would have restructured the auto industry and would have likely put it on a much better financial footing. Obama’s bailout was not about saving jobs; dealerships were closed all over the country and jobs were lost. Contractor who supplied parts to the auto makes were cut off and cut-out by Obama’s deal-making. The unions were saved, and the unions alone.

Paul Ryan told the truth about the GM plant, it was indeed forgotten by our newly elected president. His attackers, many of them unwittingly, have spread a lie to cover the lie. Perhaps when Clint Eastwood gave his now famous speech at the convention last Thursday evening, he should have put a straw-man in the empty chair, then knocked it over. Although a bit cryptic, it would have superbly symbolized the political response already being formulated by the Democrats against the substance of the Republican National Convention and the legitimate complaints that all Americans could fairly lay at the feet of this Administration.